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Send readers directly to their regional Amazon store with a single link

Welcome to Book Link, your essential tool for simplifying international book promotion. As an author, you know the value of reaching readers wherever they are, and Amazon's international marketplace makes that possible. But sharing multiple links for every Amazon store is time-consuming and clunky. Book Link solves that problem. Simply paste in the URL of your book on the Amazon store, and Book Link generates a single, smart link. When your readers click on this link, it automatically directs them to their regional Amazon store—whether that's,,, or any other.


Want More From Book Link?

Looking for more insights? Soon you'll be able to upgrade to Book Link Pro for just $2 per month. As a Pro user, you'll get comprehensive analytics that tell you exactly where your clicks are coming from, helping you better understand and engage your reader base. Plus, gain the flexibility to change the backend of the link at any time. Book Link Pro puts you in control of your book promotion, letting you make data-driven decisions to increase your impact.


Why Authors Love Book Link

  • Reach Your Readers: Send readers directly to their regional Amazon store with a single link.
  • Increase Efficiency: No need to share multiple links for different Amazon stores. One smart link does it all.
  • Understand Your Readers: With Book Link Pro, get insight into where your audience is clicking from.
  • Stay in Control: Change the backend of your link anytime with Book Link Pro.

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